What We Offer

Brand Management

Elevate your brand's presence and reputation on Amazon with our comprehensive Brand Management services, optimizing your strategy for success in the competitive online marketplace.

Digital marketing / Amazon PPC

Optimize your Amazon presence with expertly managed Digital Marketing and Amazon PPC campaigns to boost visibility, sales, and profitability.

Amazon Account Management

Enhance your Amazon presence with our expert Amazon Account Management service, optimizing every facet of your seller account for peak performance and growth.

Supply Chain (Logistics & Inventory Optimization)

Optimize your logistics and inventory management with our supply chain expertise to streamline operations and boost efficiency on Amazon.

Listing Optimization Services

Enhance your Amazon presence with our Listing Optimization Services, where we craft compelling product listings that captivate customers and boost sales.

Content Writing and Copywriting

Elevate your Amazon presence with our expert Content Writing and Copywriting services, crafting compelling product descriptions and engaging content to captivate your customers and boost sales.

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Our Company Values

Account Management

Along with ensuring that your Best Amazon account management services brand story is consistent across your Amazon Product Listings, we protect your Amazon account anagement with end-to-end compliance and customer satisfaction. Daily Reviews and Feedbacks Monitoring and Brand Management Reimbursement & reconcile Cases/ Misc. Cases Hijackers checking & infringement/C&D cases, Daily amazon strategic account management listings Overview (Frontend + Backend), Returns & Refunds Management, Unauthorized Seller Reduction, Competitor Analysis, Content Monitoring, Order Management, Customer Services, Pricing Protection. For effective account management amazon, trust our expertise in Amazon FBA account management. Our dedicated amazon marketplace account manager provides account management services for Amazon to ensure your success in the marketplace.

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Our Company Values

Lisiting Optimization

We use your brand identity to create highly engaging, authentic, and cohesive content that keeps buyers on your listings longer and converts traffic into sales. Our team specializes in listing optimization on Amazon FBA to ensure your products stand out. As a leading Amazon product listing optimization company, we focus on techniques that maximize your product's potential. Our comprehensive services include best Amazon listing optimization service in the industry. We are your trusted Amazon listing optimization agency. We cover everything from Competitor's Analysis, Product Listing Frontend/Backend Optimization, Keyword-Optimized Copywriting, Amazon SEO listing optimization, Pricing Optimization, Product Variation Updates, Reviews and Ratings Management, Keywords Rank checking, Market Trends Analysis, Search term Optimizer, Platform Branding, to Storefront setup.

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Our Company Values

PPC Management

We specialize in Amazon PPC optimization, offering a range of Amazon PPC services. Our dedicated team focuses on every aspect of your Amazon PPC campaign, ensuring success in Amazon PPC marketing. Our services include keyword research and selection, ad copy creation and optimization, bid management and optimization, negative keyword management, campaign structure and organization to keep your Amazon PPC campaigns well-structured, landing page optimization, ad scheduling, conversion tracking and analysis to measure the effectiveness of your Amazon PPC campaigns, competitor analysis, ad budget management and ad performance reporting to keep you informed of your campaign's progress. Partner with our Amazon PPC agency and take your Amazon FBA PPC campaigns to the next level.

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Our Company Values

Supply Chain Management

At the heart of our operation is a commitment to Amazon supply chain management, where we optimize inventory, minimize costs, and ensure product availability. Our services encompass efficient inventory control, vendor management, and negotiation. We excel in demand forecasting, order fulfillment optimization, and strategic sourcing. We emphasize risk management, quality assurance, and also specialize in Amazon logistics and supply chain management, Amazon global supply chain, Amazon FBA supply chain, and Amazon Inventory Optimization, tailoring our solutions to your unique requirements.

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Our Company Values

Customer Services

Let our experienced Canopy Customer Service professionals handle the daily grind so you can focus on what really matters: growing your brand. 24/7 customer support, Order tracking and status updates, Returns and refund assistance, Product recommendations, Technical support, Account management, Assistance with payments and billing, Product inquiries and information, Delivery assistance and problem resolution, Resolution of customer complaints and issues, Help with gift cards and promotional codes.

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